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                                  ALL STARS TRIPLE THREAT TRAINING PROGRAMME 

Triple threat training APPAS All Stars

Love singing, dancing and acting? Do you have dreams of becoming a professional performer? Then join our APPAS ALL STAR Dance and TRIPLE THREAT TRAINING PROGRAM.   ALL STARS is specifically designed for those who want to go into the performing arts as a vocation. Students participate  in classes and workshops to hone their performance skills, while gaining confidence, stage presence and having fun in the process. 

    A standard requirement of a professional perfomer is to have the ability to sing, dance and act to a good standard. We understand that everyone has their strengths, areas where they excel ,but the other areas must be strong in order to secure the best future training at full-time schools or work in the industry. 

  This specialised training is a star based grading system from Star one, beginners, up to Star five , advanced level. Each student will have a yearly exam with the chance of gaining their next star, certificate and examiners comments. 

APPAS members who are interested in joining the Dance and Triple threat training ALL STARS must have a chat to Adele. If you are new to APPAS and wish to join this program then please contact us to arrange an audition. 

   Each ALL STAR  student will also get a FREE ALL STAR dance top.


* The following classes must be taken: 

Ballet, Commercial Jazz, Drama, a Musical Theatre class or Friday/Saturday Theatre Academy, and a minimum of 30 minute private singing lesson every fortnight. 

* There will be an ALL STAR Intensive training class on the first Saturday of each month at 1.30pm for levels 1 and 2  . This 90 minute class will focus on different themes each month. There will be some preparation involved and each student will be expected to attend the class having prepared their homework and learnt any appropriate lines or songs.  

Intensive for levels 3 and 4 are Saturdays at 2.30pm fortnightly.
* A commitment to practising outside of class to be as prepared as possible for every rehearsal
* Participation in all end of term performances. 

*Excellent attendance in all classes and all rehearsals. 
* Passion and excitement for the performing arts! 

All STARS  also enjoy extra performance opportunities and auditions suited to their training. On top of this they enjoy a 50% discount on week and three day workshops run by APPAS . This excludes one day and specialist workshops and masterclasses.