Talent Agency


All classes are 1 hour long unless indicated.

First taster class for all group classes FREE

Taster singing lesson available.

SATURDAY THEATRE ACADEMY: (3 hours per week) 

(sibling discount of 10% for each sibling excludes private singing lessons)  

Mid-week group classes  (dance and singing) .....................
Baby Ballet and Mini-Stars Ballet and Twinkle Tappers -

Private classes- singing 1 HOUR class per week  ..............
Private classes- singing 30 MINS class per week.............

All private classes available also fortnightly.

Grade 2 Ballet 45 mins .................................................................

Adult classes 

£15 per session/week paid monthly in advance

£7 per hour/week  paid monthly in advance
£3.50 each 30mins/week paid monthly in advance
£30 per hour paid monthly in advance
£15 per 30 mins paid monthly in advance
£5.25 per 45 mins/  week paid in advance

£5.00 pay as you go

All payments to be received up front at the beginning of each month unless starting mid-way through the month.

* Except where a holiday occurs. Fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Two weeks notice is required for class absence in order to be reflected in monthly fee. Unfortunately adjustments cannot be made for classes missed due to illness or other commitments unless notice is given. Missed private lessons will be re-scheduled if 24hrs notice is given. If less than 24 hrs notice is received, the class will not be replaced. 
Fees must be paid within 7 days of receipt of invoice. After 14 days, if fees have not been paid and no payment agreement has been made, APPAS reserve the right to not allow the child to continue classes until such sum is paid. 

There maybe extra rehearsals called before a show. Extra group rehearsals will be at a discounted rate or sometimes free. Extra private rehearsals will be at a discounted fee.

Dance Squad members will receive a £5.00 discount for every private dance class. 


 A full months notice is required for class change due to class planning.

A full months notice is also required or a full months payment in lieu should you decide to leave APPAS. 

** Covid announcement:

If a child has to go into isolation, the student can revert to Zoom classes with us during this time. 

No refund will be given for isolation.

If another lockdown results in us having to close the physical school temporarily, classes will automatically revert to Zoom. Classes will be charged at normal rate for a shortened lockdown up to 3 weeks. 4 weeks or more will result in a lockdown discount on classes. A months notice will be required to terminate classes. No suspension of classes due to reverting to Zoom. 

During this time any online workshops will be charged at normal online rate and no discounts will be given for All Stars or Siblings. 

All precautions are taken at APPAS to maintain safety including distancing, sanitisation, cleaning between classes and the suspension of the parents waiting room. We have provided a large extra dance space to help this. More information can be found by reading our procedures paper which is automatically sent to all parents.